An Analysis of Educational Policy and Practice in Transitory Socialist Russia and Apartheid South Africa

  • Saiba Suso Ohio University
Keywords: “permeologies,” “immunologies,” culture, ideology, education, policy


This paper compares the influence of political ideology on education policy and practice in socialist Russia and apartheid South Africa in their transition to liberal and racially equal societies, respectively. The paper seeks to understand how the two countries’ norms and values have been shaped by their political ideologies, thus determining what could be said and done in their education systems and why. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to discover how different ideologies informed the scope and practice of education in Russia and South Africa. The researcher applied content analysis to understand how education has been influenced in such societies by the philosophical perspectives of the two countries, using Cowen’s concepts of “permeologies” and “immunologies” as a framework for the analysis. The study shows that ideology has been the major determinant of the education policy content and practice in both countries, through their permeologies and immunologies, despite parallels in some thematic areas. The findings contribute to help education practitioners, leaders, and policymakers understand the influence of political ideology on education policy and practice.  


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