Comparative Review of Educational Reforms, Policies, and Systems: A case of China and Ghana

  • Eric Atta Quainoo Beijing Normal University, China
  • Frank Quansah University of Cape Coast
  • Francis Adams
  • Ernest Opoku
Keywords: China; Ghana; Reforms; Policies; Educational system; educational development


In contemporary times, there is a greater movement of learners not merely moving from one nation to the other but also from a continent to another, and each single national education system profits from each other. A classic case is the movement of students from Ghana to China, with the number of students studying in China reaching up to 6,500 and Ghana ranking first (in student migration to China) among African countries for four consecutive years. Ghana’s bond with China, however, goes beyond education to social and economic connections. The over-arching aim of the review is to provide readers with comprehensive information on education in the two countries. This review is not an attempt to evaluate or judge the quality of education in either China or Ghana, but to provide valuable understandings of the driving forces, which have wrought the outcomes and inputs of their educational system, and to offer a clear direction on impending needs and obstacles that both nations faced in their educational journey. The review comparably highlights the educational flight of both nations emphasizing the educational reforms, policies, and structures. 

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Quainoo, E. A., Quansah, F., Adams, F., & Opoku, E. (2020). Comparative Review of Educational Reforms, Policies, and Systems: A case of China and Ghana. Journal of Comparative Studies and International Education (JCSIE), 2(1), 5-22. Retrieved from