Call for Manuscripts

Call for Papers: Inaugural issue of the Journal of Comparative Studies and International Education (JCSIE)!

Anticipated publication date: July 30, 2019.

The Journal of Comparative Studies and International Education (JCSIE)is a quarterly peer-reviewed publication that aims to provide scholars, practitioners, professors, administrators, decision makers, policy makers, and other interested stakeholders with an innovative, interdisciplinary, cross-sectorial, cross-cultural and high quality platform for publication and dissemination of original research, conceptual and theoretical frameworks, findings from fields observations, and innovative practices in comparative studies, comparative and international education, global education, and transnational education.

The JCSIEis a multi- and interdisciplinary journal that prioritizes manuscripts and book reviews that are global, glocal, international and/or comparative in nature. Common themes include, but are not limited to:

  • International issues and practices in comparative studies
  • Comparative and international education
  • Interdisciplinary comparative studies
  • Educational issues in different countries
  • Global education and glocal education
  • Global citizenship education and glocal sustainability education
  • Global, international, and transcultural leadership
  • Cross-cultural, intercultural, and intercultural education and learning
  • Transnational education and transcultural learning
  • Comparative and international educational leadership
  • Comparative and international higher education
  • Global and international studies
  • International education development
  • Cross-national education and international students
  • International issues and practices on education and technology
  • Internationalization in education
  • International human resource development
  • Sociological, policy and political studies of international education
  • Community education in national and international contexts
  • International vocational education and employability
  • Leadership in international adult and continuing education
  • Educational programs in various countries and settings

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Submission length is 5000-10,000 words for original articles, and 1500-2000 words for book reviews. Please omit references to the author in manuscripts to ensure anonymous reviews. The journal does not accept manuscripts previously published by or simultaneously submitted to other publication venues.


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